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Winston Hills Netball Club's umpiring program is run in collaboration with the Baulkham Hills Shire Netball Association Umpiring Committee to recruit new umpires and promote umpire development. All players from the age of 10 and up are welcome to participate in the WHNC umpiring program. 


For further information about umpiring opportunities and development pathways, please contact our Umpire Conveners at  

Pathways to Umpiring

Red Award

The Red Award is the first step to becoming an umpire. It consists of theory class and examination. 

Blue Award

The Blue Award is achieved through the application of the theory to training games, and upon its achievement, the umpire is able to umpire competition games with a sideline mentor.

White Award

The White Award is achieved upon the completion of at least 4 junior games with a sideline mentor. This is the first award upon which the umpires will begin getting paid. 


Green Badge

The Green Award is awarded for competence on junior games and is the first district badge. Upon achieving this the umpire may be placed on low graded senior games. To receive their Green Badge umpires must pass the Rules of Netball Theory Exam.


Gold Badge

The Gold Award is awarded for competence on senior games, following this, the umpire should be able to umpire junior and senior games without mentor support. To receive their Gold Badge umpires must hold a current theory pass and complete the Foundation Umpire Course.


National C

Managed by the Association Umpire Convenor and is the first step in the Netball Australia Umpire Accreditation System.


National B

Managed by the Association Umpire Convenor it is the next badge level in the national umpiring badge system and the highest badge which can be attained at club level umpiring.

Umpiring Resources

Umpiring courses, including the Rules of Netball Exam and the Foundation Umpire Education Course, can be accessed through the Netball Learning Centre. Umpires may also obtain or update their umpire accreditation at the Netball Learning Centre. 


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